In every encounter, public or private, you have two opportunities to make an impact:

When you first speak and when you last speak.

Neither opportunity is lengthy.

You only have a few seconds.

Yet, the words you use in those moments can be incredibly sticky in the minds of your listeners.

Use them well.

When you first meet someone, be about them, not you.

Be excited to see them.

Be honored to be in their presence.

Be happy to have this opportunity to connect.

When you leave, thank them.

Be glad to have been with them, even if it…

Many times when we call something “unprecedented,” we can look back in history and find plenty of precedents that led to where we are and warning signs that could have prevented it.

Often those supposedly “fatal missteps” are entirely avoidable. You don’t have to have visions of the future to see it either. However, you may need to tap into an unfairly-maligned mental tool. You need some pessimism.

Look at that face! It says “ I don’t know about this,” to me.

You read that correctly. Pessimism is not your enemy. I know it may feel like it in our “we can do anything” mindset. Still, adequately applied pessimism can save the day. …


Sometimes you need to admit, “This isn’t going to work.”

Failure is ALWAYS an option. Sometimes it’s the best option. Too often, we drive ourselves off a cliff, trying to avoid a dead end.

Two reasons we do this:

Sunk Cost Fallacy

The belief that investing more time and more money will eventually yield success. Hopefully, a success so great it justifies what we spent to get there. Believing in the sunk cost fallacy will cause us to waste more resources before being forced to admit defeat.

We need to recognize when more is just more, it won’t change the outcome.

Identity Crisis

We wrap our worth around our work. Our thinking turns from…


Think, “First time, Every time.” When casting vision for your project, communicating with a volunteer or co-worker, or explaining a workshop exercise to a group, pretend like its the first time they ever heard it.

Explain the why behind the action, give them a detailed description of what they are doing, and let them know how it will work.

It doesn’t matter if you have worked with a group for five minutes or five years; treating it like it is the first time they have heard of it will keep your communication clear and complete.

Have you ever, due to your circumstances or insecurities, wished you were someone else? It’s tempting. You see people getting promoted or praised for something, and you want to be in that kind of position. It is human nature.

The problem is any of us can only be one person well — ourselves. Anything else is acting. Even the best actors, the ones who get the major awards or the big box office, only play a part for a short time compared to the rest of their lives. They don’t even play that part 24/7.

I’m not talking about creating…

Kidmin Accelerator

This season of ministry has brought with it new challenges. Church ministries in all of its forms are by-necessity thinking more about how to use the digital space to serve the body of Christ.

We have been in this space for some time now as advocates and advisors for churches and non-profits seeking to innovate how they reach their communities.

We went back through our archives and pulled some posts we hope will help you as you enter into new and exciting forms of ministry.

Equipping parents to disciple their children is now one of your main avenues for ministry.

Many of you are looking at how to equip your parents to better…

Kidmin Accelerator

With gatherings put on hold for the foreseeable future, many of you are thinking about how you can stay connected to the kids in your ministry. Practically overnight, children’s ministries across the country have begun to explore their digital expressions.

While the circumstances are not ideal, it is exciting to see the church putting its efforts to reach the people who cannot come to them. I am impressed with the creativity and the determination of churches large and small not to let social distancing hold their ministries hostage. …


“Wahoo!” came my daughter’s voice from the other room.

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and each of us, my wife, my daughter, and I had drifted off to our own interests. I looked up from my book and looked over at my wife, who had also heard the shout of joy, and we were curious.

We called our child to us and asked her what all the excitement was about. “I won a contest,” she said. “It was for a rare item I have been trying to get for a long time”

The contest was on the platform…

Kidmin Accelerator

It was a rainy weekday morning outside our neighborhood elementary school. A police officer was dutifully directing the traffic jam that is the reality of suburban elementary schools all across the United States.

My wife and I happened to be in the car together, dropping off our 1st grader.

“He doesn’t look thrilled,” my wife said.

“He probably isn’t,” I replied. “It’s raining, and the cars are trying to edge their way forward before he tells them to. Besides, I doubt anyone goes into law enforcement to direct elementary school traffic.”

“Good point,” she said.

The same is…

Kidmin Accelerator

In most churches in the United States, there is some form of a check-in system for the families who participate in their children’s ministry.

Check-ins are a practical and efficient way to collect information from families and help people drop their children off quickly (something late-arriving parents much appreciate). Most importantly, check-in stations help provide security for the children in your care.

How you welcome families into your ministry space sets the tone for their entire experience.

A lot of what I see when it comes to innovation and improvements in check-in systems has to do with cutting down lines and keeping people from waiting, and short lines are always good.

However, if…

Jason Tilley

Founder at Ministry Accelerator

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